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boneless chicken breast

There’s a reason boneless chicken breast recipes are a staple of any good weeknight dinner arsenal. Chicken happens to be a super versatile, crowd-pleasing main, that’s full of protein and other nutrients that we need every day! When you’re looking for an easy (but satisfying) weeknight meal to whip up, look no further than our best chicken breast recipes.

From tasty finger foods to healthy salads, this lean protein can be used for so many delicious recipes — which is precisely why we can’t get enough of America’s top bird. The best part? This juicy white meat is actually healthy (just one more reason that it’s the ruler of the roost when it comes to easy recipes). In fact, chicken breast nutrition is quite impressive: one 3.5 oz serving boasts a whopping 31 g of protein. Another bonus? Chicken is easy (and speedy) to cook, especially when it comes to boneless and skinless breast.

Of course, with so many ways to prepare chicken breast, it’s all too easy to get stuck rotating the same couple of recipes over and over again. That’s why we’ve rounded up some of the best quick and easy options that use the bird in fresh new ways, including hearty sandwiches, filling salads, tacos, sautés and more. Whether you’re going for a comforting, healthy soup or a filling pasta recipe, thanks to these recipes, you’ll be sitting down to a winning chicken dinner in no time at all!

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